Story: Queen snakes are not often found in the wild in Canada. Not only are they endangered, their preference for hiding in trees or branches overhanging water makes them difficult to spot. Queen snakes primarily hunt crayfish, which limits their habitat to near suitable streams, creeks, and other water sources. Development pressures has resulted in the loss of much of their natural habitat, and as a result Queen snakes are endangered in Canada. Adam found and photographed these ones with the help of local snake enthusiast Terry Chandler. Terry has been finding Queen snakes for decades and offered to guide Adam in a search for them. Together, they waded up a forested creek in southern Ontario, and soon found six different Queen snakes in branches and trees. Thanks Terry! 

Queen Snake

Scientific Name: Regina Septemvittata

Status: Endangered

Habitat: Streams, rivers and lakes

Threats: Habitat loss, Persecution  

Photographed: July 2023, southern Ontario.  

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