Eastern Garter Snake

Scientific Name: Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis 

Status: Least concerned

Habitat: Forests, Farmlands, Wetlands, Grasslands 

Threats: Habitat Loss 

Photographed: April, 2019 Norfolk County, July 2018, Pelee Island. 

Story: One of eastern Canada's most common snakes, these familar creatures can be found almost anywhere in forest, farmer's fields, or backyard gardens. Adam photographed the one on the tree branch above on Pelee Island, and the one in the water in Norfolk County in the spring. Some eastern garter snakes, especially on Pelee Island, can be all black (known as melanistic garter snakes), although they are the same species. Adam found this melanistic garter snake in a tree in the woods on Pelee Island: 

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