Eastern Hog-nosed Snake

Scientific Name: Heterodon platirhinos

Status: Threatened

Habitat: Forests, brush, grasslands. 

Threats: Loss of Habitat, Roads, Human Persecution 

Photographed: October 2019, Norfolk County, Ontario. 

Story: Adam was leading a guided nature hike when he found this beautiful eastern hognose snake in some white pine woods in a forestry reserve in Ontario's Norfolk County. The snake reared up, as if to strike, and rattled its tail. This is a common defence strategy used by eastern hognoses: pretending to be a dangerous. In reality, hognoses aren't dangerous, unless you're a toad or rodent. They often pretend to "rattle" their tails to scare off predators, even though they don't actually have a rattle. If that doesn't work, these snakes will sometimes even play dead! Adam was able to capture this photo of the snake before it silvered off into the brush. 

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