Northern Ribbon Snake 

Scientific Name: Thamnophis saurita septentrionalis

Status: Special Concern (Great Lakes population) and Threatened (Atlantic population) 

Habitat: Wetlands, shorelines, and upland forest areas near wetlands  

Threats: Habitat Loss, Road Mortality, predation by domestic animals.

Photographed: June 2023, Ontario 

Story: Adam again teamed up with his friend Terry Chandler to search for northern ribbon snakes in a forest outside Paris, ON in June 2023. The forest is a good mix of rich wetlands with northern water snakes, turtles, and amphibians, as well as wooded hills and ravines. This increasingly threatened wild landscape in southern Ontario provides ideal habitat for northern ribbon snakes. It wasn't long hiking in the forest before they spotted movement among the leafy undergrowth: a northern ribbon snake! Over the course of their hike, Adam and Terry spotted several northern ribbons, as well as several eastern garter snakes that at first glance can be mistaken for ribbon snakes. 

Northern ribbon snakes can be found in forested wetlands in southern Ontario and into a small portion of southwestern Quebec. A small wild population of eastern ribbon snakes are also still found in Nova Scotia. 

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