Blue Racer

Scientific Name: Coluber constrictor foxii 

Status: Threatened/Endangered

Habitat: Forest Edges, brush, grasslands 

Threats: Habitat Loss, Human Persecution 

Photographed: July 2018, Pelee Island, Ontario. 

Story: After finishing a nearly 4,000 km journey alone across Canada's Arctic, explorer Adam Shoalts decided to go adventuring at the opposite end of Canada in search of one of the country's rarest animals: the endangered blue racer. These amazing snakes are today only found in Canada on Pelee Island in Lake Erie. Their population is estimated at fewer than four hundred snakes, and two previous herpetology expeditions failed to find any. Recruiting his friend Wes Crowe, Adam led an expedition for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society to try to find and document a blue racer. After two days of searching (and finding lot's of eastern fox snakes, Lake Erie watersnakes, and eastern garter snakes), Adam and Wes came across a blue racer right on a forest edge. As their name implies, these snakes are super fast and will take off before most people can approach. Adam managed to quietly tip-top up to the blue racer and film it from above, before it sped off into a patch of poison ivy!   

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