Dekay's Brownsnake

Scientific Name: Storeria dekayi

Status: Least Concern

Habitat: Diverse habitats including forests, fields, rocky outcrops, forest clearings, and rocky beaches 

Threats: Habitat Loss, road mortality and predation by domestic animals such as cats

Photographed: July 2023. 

Story: With his fellow nature enthusiast (and wife) Alexandria, Adam teamed up to find this little well-camouflaged DeKay's Brownsnake hiding in the leaf litter of a forest in the Niagara Peninsula. DeKays can be quite common, yet seldom seen, due to their nocturnal habitats, small size, and ability to blend in with fallen leaves. Luckily, Adam was able to photograph this one before it slithered off. 

Range is limited to southern Ontario and a small part of southwestern Quebec. Typically is abundant in some areas but absent from others.

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